Town/Canal Interface Project

This project was awarded $240,728 from Bucks County and $10,000 from PECO in grant funds for improvements in interconnectivity between the Towpath Trail and the Commercial Downtown.

The proposed improvements include improved accessibility and visibility through the implementation of site improvements, signage and pedestrian/bicyclist amenities. 

The New Hope Town/Canal Interface Project will implement the following recommendations from the 2010 New Hope Borough Open Space Plan:

  • Continue to enhance trailheads and establish new trailheads at appropriate locations such as Randolph Street and/or Parry Street with amenities such as benches, bike racks, improved signage and trail connections and landscaping.
  • Designate bikeways and provide bike racks in strategic locations (i.e., trailheads) to reduce vehicular trips and encourage cyclists to patronize businesses.

In addition to the Borough Open Space Plan, the proposed project aligns with recommendations in the New Hope Borough Comprehensive Plan (2011), New Hope Canal Walk Master Plan (2000), Landmark Towns Strategic Wayfinding Plan (2009), Landmark Towns Bicycle Strategy and Marketing Initiative (2012) as well as other regional plans.