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Council Organization and Committees

New Hope has an elected 7-member Borough Council which plays a central role in borough government. Council sets policy, enacts legislation, adopts budgets, controls expenditures, appoints advisory commissions and boards, and hires employees. Council members are elected to four year terms, with either 3 or 4 members up for election every two years.

Council elects a president, vice-president, and president pro tem from its ranks. The president, in cooperation with council, establishes standing committees and makes appointments thereto. These standing committees generally consider all matters pertaining to a particular area of public policy, such as land use regulation, historic preservation, or recreation, and make recommendations to the full council.



Claire E. Shaw, President

Rey Velasco, Vice President

Nick Gialias, President Pro Tem

Geri Delevich

Bill Scandone

Cliff Montgomery

Connie Gering




Civic Sector Task Force (CSTF)

Bill Scandone, Chair; Geri Delevich; Connie Gering
The civic sector (also non-profit sector or "not-for-profit" sector) is the sphere of social activity undertaken by organizations that are not for profit and nongovernmental. The mission and responsibility of the members of the Civic Sector Task Force are as follows.
           1. The members of the CSTF serve as Council's liaison with not-for profit organizations in the Borough of New Hope. These organizations include, but are not limited to the New Hope Historical Society (NHHS), New Hope Arts (NHA), Bucks County Playhouse (BCP), and the New Hope Chamber of Commerce (NHCC).
           2. This committee also servse as liaison to HOPE, St Marten's, the Little Shul, the Eagle Fire Company, the American Legion and similar service-based organizations.
           3. The committee works to establish partnerships with local, not-for-profit community arts organizations to promote public art through exhibitions in public spaces within the Borough.
           4. The committee presents applications to Council from organizations and individuals sponsoring special events. Special events include, but are not limited to 5K foot races, bicycle races, parades, fairs, etc. This committee will also consider requests for banners and signage promoting such events.
          5. The members of the CSTF provide a report for inclusion in Council's monthly agenda workbook.


Economic Development Committee (EDC)

Cliff Montgomery & Connie Gering
The Economic Development Committee is responsible for economic and community development and revitalization including such activities as Borough beautification and streetscape improvements and the implementation of the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan and the Open Space Plan.
           1. The committee serves as Council's liaison with the Revitalization Committee.
           2. The committee seeks to preserve, enhance and revitalize the Borough's infrastructure and unique natural, cultural, historic and architectural resources.
           3. The committee also works to identify significant community needs, assess available grant programs and resources, and develop improvement projects of major benefit to the Borough.
          4. The members of the EDC provide a report for inclusion in Council's monthly agenda workbook.


Environment and Recreation Committee (ERC)

Cliff Montgomery & Geri Delevich
The Environment and Recreation Committee servers as the liaison with the Shade Tree Commission and the Park & Recreation Board.
            1. The committee oversees the the care and maintenance of the Borough's street trees in consultation with the Shade Tree Commission, and reviews the Shade Tree Commission's proposed tree planting program.
            2. The committee exercises general oversight of park and recreation activities and issues, as well as the conditions of the Borough's park system including all park facilities.
            3. The members of the ERC provide a report for inclusion in Council's monthly agenda workbook.


Land Use and Historic Preservation Committee (LUHPC)
HARB - Nick Gialias

Zoning - ReyVelasco

Planning - Bill Scandone
The Land Use and Historic Preservation Committee consists of three members of Council, each assigned as a liaison to a specific board or commission, i.e., the Historical Architectural Review Board, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. The committee presents to Council all land use and historic preservation applications and issues such as pending Zoning Hearing Board appeals, land development applications, subdivision applications, land development waiver applications, proposed land use ordinance and HARB ordinance amendments, and conditional use and special exception applications. The committee may also offer comments and recommendations on such applications to Council. The members of the LUHPC provide a report for inclusion in Council's monthly agenda workbook.


The New Hope Mayor, Laurence D. Keller, has several roles: he works with the Police Chief to set police policy and work rules and is responsible for emergency proclamations. He attends council meetings and generally votes when there is a tie. The Mayor also represents the Borough in local functions and events and may perform weddings.

Council Meetings

Borough Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday (7:30 P.M.) of each month at the New Hope Borough community room, located at 125 New Street, at the former site of the St. Martin of Tours Church. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. For up-to-date public meeting information, consult the "Notices/Meetings" section of this web site. The public is encouraged to attend and to participate fully at all public meetings.




Meeting Agendas

The next meeting of Borough Council is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2015, at 7:30 pm. This meeting will be held at the New Hope Community Meeting Room, located at 125 New Street, at the site of the former St. Martin of Tours Church. The tentative agenda for this meeting will be available on October 16th here.


The minutes of Council  meetings are available on the Documents and Forms page of this web site or by clicking here.

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